Zhejiang Cixi Guangjia Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. lies in HushanIndustrial Developing Zone with superior geographical position and convenient traffic, and is a new enterprise developed during the reforming and opening-up tide

 The management principle is “Quality is the first priority, sincere and honest, developing and innovation”. Our company pay much attention to professional employees' reserve, and now has a professional technical team. Under the hard working of technicans, we mastered the tecnology of ceramics' sintering and precision grinding. We had developed many kinds of high-precision products and all the technical parameter of them are reached a high level.

  Our main products are in two series. One is all kinds of zirconia ceramic sleeve for fiber connector. The products have a high precision (1 um). and as Zirconia products, they also have a stable chemical performance. The monthly production ability at present is about 2 million standard sleeves and 600,000 non-standard sleeves. Our company has been a bright star in the field. Now, Jiusheng is the one of the biggest supplier for zirconia ceramic sleeve at home. In the near future, Jiusheng will be developed as one of the biggestsupplier for zirconia ceramic sleeve in the international market.

 The other series is zirconia ceramic pin gauge/plug gauge and ceramic stick. We can well control the technics of the products and reached a high level,such as the surface smooth degree, product density and precision control for our pin gauge/plug gauge ( could be controlled at 1 um ). Compare to the imported products, our products are much more competitively. Rely on the excellent technology and complete sets of production equipment, our company now can produce all kinds of standard and non-standard zirconia ceramic pin gauge with the production ability of more than 10,000 pieces per month.

 Besides the above mentioned two series, we also can produce all kinds of structural ceramic products rely on the different molding equipment and technology, for example: ceramic bearing, etc. Various kinds of products obtain the competitive ability and life-force for our company.

 Jiusheng people will insist on challenging ourselves, will get the customers and market based on the religious style, innovative thought, excellent product and perfect service. We will work hard to create the powerful Jiusheng brand to draw a bright future.

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